Dr. Waleed El-Daly - Best Vascular Surgeon - Sheikh Zayed

The Best Vascular Surgeon in Sheikh Zayed

Dr. Waleed El-Daly, Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery at Cairo University and Consultant of Diabetic Foot and Varicose Laser Treatment of Legs,  is at the top of the best Egyptian doctors in this field of vascular surgery and the best Vascular Surgeon in Sheikh Zayed in particular.

He was able to work in many hospitals, whether in Egypt or in Europe or America, and had many certificates and trainings abroad; Which helped him to gain the necessary experience in this field and carry out operations simply and easily.

It is also mentioned that Dr. Waleed El-Daly, who is considered the best vascular surgeon in Sheikh Zayed and specialized in the treatment of diabetic foot and gangrene of the foot, holds a PhD in surgery in 2010 and a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in England in 2009, and has worked at Freeman Hospital Newcastle in England and Cambridge University Hospital.

He is also specialized in the treatment of diabetic foot, foot gangrene, laser treatment of varicose veins, treatment of peripheral artery blockage with catheters, placement of stents, preparation of arterial connections for kidney dialysis patients of all kinds, leg arterial change surgeries, dissolving leg vein clots and treatment of venous ulcers. According to the testimony of all his patients, Dr. Waleed El-Daly is classified as the best Vascular Surgeon in Sheikh Zayed.

When does the patient need to visit the best vascular surgeon in Sheikh Zayed?
There are many cases that require visiting a vascular surgeon, such as:

Vascular diseases of the feet:
Vascular diseases cause narrowing of the blood vessels; Which affects the blood flow in it, which is responsible for the delivery of important substances and oxygen naturally to all organs and limbs of the body.

Leg artery occlusion treatment:
The occlusion of the arteries of the leg results from atherosclerosis, which is a result of the accumulation of fatty substances on the inner walls of the artery, in a way that leads to its narrowing or blockage; It affects the blood supply to the feet, causing many health problems, the symptoms of which are:
• Feeling cold in the skin of the foot itself.
• Changes in the color of the skin, such as redness in its color and others.
• Recurring infections.
• Pain accompanied by burning in the legs and toes when resting or lying on bed.

Varicose veins treatment without surgery:
Varicose veins are one of the most common health problems among people, which happens to the veins in the legs and feet, as a result of the weakness of the small valves in them, which push blood in a reverse direction to the heart to be pumped to the body. Weak valves cause blood accumulation inside the vein; Which leads to its enlargement and appears prominently from the surface of the skin and is blue in color.
Varicose veins are treated without surgery in several ways, and women are considered more affected by this problem than men as a result of hormonal changes that occur in women such as pregnancy; This increases pressure on the veins inside the legs due to the heaviness of the uterus and the growth of the fetus.
One of the latest methods currently used in Dr. Waleed El-Daly's clinics, after achieving impressive results in many European countries, is the CLaCS technique, which depends on the application of laser and injections to the dilated varicose veins, and also ensures that the varicose veins do not appear again.

Diabetic foot gangrene treatment:
In case of the blood does not reach the foot sufficiently; This means that diabetic foot gangrene has a deficiency in the function of blood vessels, and this is what affects diabetics, and the treatment is carried out by a vascular surgeon through the use of antibiotics, oxygen therapy, or surgery.

Diabetic foot ulcer treatment:
Diabetic foot ulcer is one of the advanced symptoms of diabetes and requires visiting a vascular surgeon to treat it properly without developing serious health problems.