Various techniques for treating varicose veins

varicose viens

There is no doubt that varicose veins is annoying, as it affects millions of people, whether women or men, especially if their work requires standing for long periods.

Why does the purple color appear in the leg of a varicose vein patient?
This purple color occursF as a result of increased pressure on the veins due to the accumulation of blood in them, and this is because the veins in the legs stop working well.

Fear is not only in the aesthetic form of the legs, but varicose veins may cause other complications, such as bleeding or clots, especially if effective treatment is not done appropriately.

What is the incorrect belief about the cause of varicose veins?
Many people mistakenly believe that crossing the legs can cause varicose veins. Crossing the legs may make varicose veins worse, but not the cause. We agree that pressuring the feet or wearing tight clothing may cause pressure on the veins, but in these cases, the pressure is minimal to cause varicose veins, but it increases the problem or the sensation of pain.

How are varicose veins diagnosed?
Varicose veins are visible by the naked eye, but there are cases where ultrasound waves are needed to identify if the valves in the veins are working normally and to find any evidence of a blood clot.

What are the different techniques for treating varicose veins?
There are many ways to treat varicose veins, such as:
Interventional radiology.
Injections to treat varicose veins.
Varicose veins treatment using CLaCS technique.
Traditional surgery.

How does the laser treat varicose veins?
- Laser is performed without anesthesia, with the patient feeling a slight tingling on the skin surface. Also, the laser technique gives impressive results with small and medium capillaries, as the effect of the laser is greatly reduced on large capillaries, so they are usually treated through injections. 
- Laser works by directing or shining light in the form of impulses towards the vein, causing the blood vessel to disappear slowly.
- The result of the laser is immediate. You will notice the change in the color from purple to dark red and the decrease in size. After several weeks, they gradually disappear.

What are the advantages of laser treatment for varicose veins?
There is no doubt that laser is a breakthrough in the medical field because of its many advantages, such as:
The procedure does not require general anesthesia.
Less pain compared to traditional surgery.
Its success rates reach over 90%.
The duration of the procedure is short, as it may take only half an hour.

What is the effect of interventional radiology on the treatment of varicose veins?
There is a precise and unique method for treating varicose veins, the interventional radiology, where varicose veins are treated by inserting a thin catheter into the varicose vein. At the end of this catheter, there is a precise device that emits heat waves, leading to the complete closure of the vein. This is done under the influence of a local anesthetic.

What is the injection method in the treatment of varicose veins?
- This technique is one of the most important ways to treat varicose veins. It gets rid of varicose veins by injecting a substance into the vein to help the veins harden and then close and block them. 
- Compression bands are used during and after the injection to help the walls of the blood vessels stick together. Then the varicose veins disappear, the pain vanishes, and the shape and appearance of the leg improve. This technique is also called (sclerotherapy).

What are the necessary procedures before and after the injection to treat varicose veins?
Before the injection procedure:
Dr. Waleed El-Daly will ask you to perform a Doppler x-ray to notice if there is reflux that will require treatment before the injection. 

After the injection procedure:
There are important guidelines that the doctor gives and the patient must stick to and ensure that they are implemented to obtain the best results in complete safety, such as:
- The patient must get up and walk to avoid the risk of clots. 
- The patient is instructed to wear compression stockings to press the injected veins.
- The patient is advised to stick to the prescribed creams according to the period specified by Dr. Waleed El-Daly.
- Staying away from some strenuous activities for at least two weeks after the procedure.
- Avoid exposure to sunlight to avoid unpleasant skin pigmentations that leave a negative impact.
- Avoid standing or sitting for long periods.

Why does traditional surgery became the last option to treat varicose veins?
Dr. Waleed El-Daly does not favor traditional surgery and always recommends modern methods and advanced techniques that have changed the concept of varicose veins treatment.
Traditional surgery is the last option the surgeon can choose, to treat varicose veins. The surgery aims to remove the varicose veins, but surgeons try to preserve the saphenous vein, the longest superficial vein in the body that extends from the ankle to the groin, where it connects with the femoral vein (the main deep vein in the lower extremity).
These procedures take a long time, so general anesthesia is used.

What is the secret behind the CLaCS technique in treating varicose veins?  
The CLaCS technique is a modern technique that addresses the problem of varicose veins from its roots. It guarantees remarkable success to get rid of medium-sized varicose veins. It is a combination of three devices, to obtain the best results and benefit from the advantages of injection and laser together, in the addition of a cooling device (-20 °C). This coldness prevents you from feeling pain resulting from laser heat, as it acts as an anesthetic for pain and prevents any pigmentation. This technique is used by Dr. Waleed El-Daly for the first time in Egypt and guarantees the ultimate disposal of varicose veins and gives an aesthetic shape to the legs. 

Varicose disease hurts you and hinders you from working freely or standing for a while. Aesthetics are important as well as your health. So, when you choose Dr. Waleed El-Daly to treat varicose veins, it will be a successful choice, due to his constant keenness to apply the recent methods and use the best American devices used globally in the treatment of varicose veins. Of course, this leads to guaranteed results to get rid of varicose disease effectively and safely.

Advice from Dr. Waleed El-Daly:
Dr. Waleed El-Daly, assistant professor of vascular diseases and varicose veins treatment, advises you to treat varicose veins when they appear, not to leave them until they become more painful. Getting rid of them has become very easy and safe, so there is no need to worry or feel afraid.