Medical tourism to treat varicose veins with CLaCS or laser catheterization


In recent years, the number of tourists in Egypt seeking medical treatment has increased. Egypt provides distinguished medical services at reasonable prices, modern technologies, and high efficiency from Egyptian doctors. The most important is the treatment of varicose veins using the CLaCS technique or laser catheterization, which are the newest and safest methods globally in contrast to traditional surgeries and their serious complications. Dr. Waleed El-Daly, assistant professor of vascular surgery and varicose veins treatment, is unique in using the CLaCS technology and laser catheterization with the latest devices in the world.

How is the laser catheter used for the treatment of varicose veins?
The laser catheter allows the laser to be inserted directly into the dilated vein without passing through the outer layers of the skin by using a simple needle and a thin tube to introduce the laser fiber. The laser closes up the varicose vein, so it disappears with time and without causing any pain, so there is no need to general anesthesia. 

دوالي الساقين

What is the CLaCS for the treatment of varicose veins?
CLaCS (Cryo Laser & Cryo Sclerotherapy) is a complete treatment for spider veins and varicose veins that includes laser technology, injection therapy combined with a vein viewer, and extreme skin freezing.
The laser is applied across the skin. This causes the veins to heat up due to the laser’s wavelength, as the blood absorbs that energy more than the skin, which allows selective damage to the vein (photolysis) without damaging the skin. Then the vien is injected with a chemical hardener, so the blood takes another route and moves to the more efficient veins.

Why is Egypt considered a medical tourism destination in varicose veins treatment?
Egypt possesses all the tourist features, the wonderful places, and the best care in your therapeutic journey. Dr. Waleed El-Daly equipped his clinic at the highest international medical level, worthy of being the base of your medical tourism journey. He was unique in providing the latest technology in the treatment of varicose veins using CLaCS for the first time in Egypt and using a laser catheter.

Advantages of CLACS treatment in Egypt:
1. A quick procedure with effective and long-term results.
2. The laser beams act on the wall of the dilated vein and lead to accurate thermal degradation that prevents skin damage.
3. The diameter of the spider capillaries instantly becomes smaller until they disappear permanently.
4. Protection against skin pigmentation, unlike some other procedures used in varicose veins treatment.
5. A non-surgical procedure that does not require suturing or incisions, after which you can continue your tourist trip without stopping.
6. Treating even the smallest varicose veins that are not visible to the naked eye due to the reliance on the modern vein viewer.
7. There is no recovery period after treatment with CLaCS.
8. Feeling comfortable and getting rid of the annoying symptoms of varicose veins.
9. Bringing an aesthetic appearance and restoring self-confidence.
10. Getting rid of the restriction on wearing specific clothes.

How easy is it to see the smallest veins and perform the procedure smoothly?
Dr. Waleed El-Daly uses advanced vein viewer to enlarge and scan the vein during the procedure. It becomes easy to see the tiny blood vessels that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The vein viewer allows a clear view of the veins above the skin surface, allowing vein imaging up to 1 cm below the skin. This system helps scan the intravenous image via infrared sensors, after which it is magnified and displayed on the surface of the skin. This blood vessel pattern on the skin surface is also known as the magnified augmented reality.

Is the CLaCS procedure painful?
A specialized cooling device is used during the treatment where a stream of cold air is pumped during the procedure. Cold air automatically relieves pain during the session, so CLaCS has no complications.

When can the results of the procedure be observed?
The results are immediately noticeable. In just a day or two, the nightmare of varicose veins will have an end, and you can enjoy a happy journey without the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins.

دوالي الساقين كلاكس

Why do you choose the CLaCS procedure during your tourist trip to Egypt?
This advanced varicose veins treatment produces better results as compared to sclerotherapy or  laser intravenous treatment. CLaCS technique is a combination of all the effective varicose treatments. It works in coordination with each other, which increases the impact and speed of results to benefit from your tourism journey in treatment. Also, the use of magnified image reality and vein viewer can help treat and remove the feeder veins very precisely, which is very important because it contributes to the success of the treatment and obtaining long-term results without recurrence.

CLaCS results in the treatment of varicose veins:
About 70% of the varicose veins disappear after the first CLaCS session, and in some cases, all of them disappear.

Why is the CLaCS not available anywhere else in other Arab countries?
CLaCS is a new treatment that has not yet spread in most countries, but Egypt has pioneered the use of CLaCS, which has been developed and studied extensively in Brazil by some innovative vascular surgeons over many years. Doctor Waleed El-Daly was the first to bring and adopt this technique in Egypt.

Why is CLaCS better than sclerotherapy therapy alone or laser therapy alone?
There are several reasons why CLaCS is superior over other varicose vein treatments. The main reason is the combination of laser and sclerotherapy, as both work better together than separately. Also, the feeder veins are seen with a vein viewer and targeted for precise treatment, as the presence of untreated feeder veins is the main reason why the spider veins fail to respond to either laser or sclerotherapy alone. Untreated feeder veins are also often responsible for recurring varicose veins after treatment with either laser or sclerotherapy. Dealing with feeder veins, which can be better seen with a vein viewer, is one of the success reasons of CLaCS treatment.

Do I need to wear compression stockings?
No, you do not need to wear compression stockings after CLaCS treatment. On the contrary, you will be able to complete your journey with ease and without any complications.

Are there any restrictions after the CLaCS procedure?
There are absolutely no restrictions after the treatment. You can return to your activities and your tourist trip in Egypt and enjoy all the visits and bazaars you want to go, without the frequent pain during walking and exertion.

Do you need a consultation before the procedure?
Before the treatment, Dr. Waleed El-Daly will check your medical history, examine the veins, considering its diameter and depth, condition of vein valves, etc.
He will also check your skin type, your previous treatment strategies, and any surgeries you have performed concerning intravenous diseases. He will evaluate the condition of the veins and suggest the appropriate treatment to get rid of varicose veins permanently through applying the CLaCS technique or using a laser catheter.

You can arrange all the procedures before traveling through Dr. Waleed El-Daly's clinic by phone call at 01227876662, and we are always honored to provide you with the best medical care.